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Episode 236 - Asif Rehmani

April 14th, 2020

Even though still in lockdown we are bringing you the latest Microsoft Cloud news along with an interview with long time MVP and creator of VisualSP, Asif Rehmani. Asif's VisualSP tool is a amazing way to help people learn more about Microsoft 365 by providing context sensitive help via the single press of a button. He is also passionate about adoption and looking at helping customers by looking at their needs through their own eyes. Lots of great take away from a very experienced trainer.

We hope everyone stays safe and enjoys this episode.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2019





Asif Rehmani on Linkedin

VisualSP plugins

VisualSP Teams app

In-context access to Microsoft Learning Pathways content on top all Office 365 applications using VisualSP

Display announcements and alerts automatically to users (in form of splash screens and videos) directly within their intranet

Our commitment to privacy and security in Microsoft Teams

OneDrive Roadmap Roundup – March 2020

Provision Windows devices from anywhere to support a mobile workforce

Setting up your small business for remote work

Latest updates on Project Cortex - April 1, 2020

Extending the power of Azure AI to Microsoft 365 user

For IT professionals: Privacy and security in Microsoft Teams

Announcing general availability of robotic process automation in Power Automate

Azure Active Directory Premium P1 is coming to Microsoft 365 Business

Renamed O365 SKUs

Job openings

Unique Edge features

What's new in Teams

Roadmap: Microsoft Teams - background effects in Teams meetings

Roadmap: Microsoft Teams - New experience for launching instant channel meetings

Roadmap: Microsoft Teams - improved Teams meeting join launcher experience

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