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Episode 282 - Shiva Ford

January 7th, 2022

I'm joined by Shiva Ford from Microsoft to talk about the importance of community and how it has formed a major part of the success of many people in the industry.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2021.

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Shiva Ford - Twitter

What’s New in Microsoft Teams | December 2021

Episode 281 - Review

December 30th, 2021

In this last episode for 2021 I share my thoughts about what we have seen from the Microsoft Cloud this year and what we may see in the next. Love to hear what you think as well so please reach out.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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Episode 280 - Vic Perdana

December 21st, 2021

I'm joined by Vic Perdana from Microsoft to speak about Azure cost management. Many people have shied away from Azure over price blow out concerns. The good news is that Azure has all the tools you need to successfully manage your costs and with the help of some techniques that Vic shares with us in this podcast, you should never have to worry again.

As the end of year approaches, I share a little bit of news and updates as well as taking this opporunity to thank everyone for listening in 2021 and stay tuned for more in 2022.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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Vic Perdana - Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect,, Twitter, Linkedin

Overview of Azure Cost Management + Billing | Microsoft Docs

Transfer Azure subscriptions between subscribers and CSPs | Microsoft Docs

Cloud Cost Optimisation | Microsoft Azure

Track costs across business units, environments, or projects - Cloud Adoption Framework | Microsoft Docs

Tutorial - Create and manage Azure budgets | Microsoft Docs
Migration and IaaS vs. PaaS

About Azure Migrate - Azure Migrate | Microsoft Docs

What is PaaS? Platform as a Service | Microsoft Azure

Azure Arc – Hybrid and multicloud management | Microsoft Azure

Azure Blog and Updates | Microsoft Azure

Cost Management · Community ( – this is where you can shape Azure Cost Management

Microsoft for Startups

The final report on NOBELIUM’s unprecedented nation-state attack

Microsoft Defender for Business preview now available

OneDrive sync for native ARM devices now in public preview

What’s New in Microsoft Teams | November 2021

Windows 365 Business supports Windows 11 and enhanced admin capabilities

Episode 279 - Darren Bennett

December 2nd, 2021

In this episode I speak with Modern Workplace and Security Specialist from Dicker Data Darren Bennett. Darren has unique insight across the partner ecosystem and shares with me how partners are adopting the modern approach. What approaches work, what don't and how successful partners approach the ever-changing Microsoft Cloud, as well as best practice takeaways.

I head this episode with an update from the important stuff that's happening in the Microsoft Cloud to keep you right up to date.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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Darren Bennet - Linkedin,

New Microsoft Teams Essentials is built for small businesses

How to defend against advanced attacks 

Introducing the preview of Feedback for Microsoft 365

Advancing service resilience in Azure Active Directory with its backup authentication service

Several Microsoft Authenticator security features are now available!

HTML smuggling surges: Highly evasive loader technique increasingly used in banking malware, targeted attacks

Announcing Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Episode 278 - Phil Meyer

November 15th, 2021

In this episode I round up the major updates from Microsoft Ignite November 2021 as well as having a chat with Phil Meyer, Partner Technology Strategist - Hosting and Cloud from Microsoft about things like the new Microsoft commerce platform. Plenty of great information in this episode, so listen in and share around.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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Phil Meyer - Linkedin,

Ignite November 2021 book of news

Introducing Microsoft Defender for Business

Windows 365 Business will offer Windows 11 and admin capabilities

Change your SharePoint domain name (preview)

Rich, secure content and collaboration for hybrid work – Ignite 2021 announcements

New Power Platform capabilities announced at Microsoft Ignite 

Introducing Microsoft Loop

Q&A in Teams is in Public Preview

Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021: Innovations coming to Microsoft Teams 

Episode 277 - Des Russell

November 2nd, 2021

In this episode I speak with ex-Microsoftie and now founder of Partner Elevate around the state of the partner channel and the alignment of incentives and campaigns for the modern workplace. I also bring you right up to date on the eve of Microsoft Ignite on exactly what's the latest with the Microsoft Cloud.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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Des Russell - Linkedin, Partner Elevate, Email -

Web version of Visual Studio Code

Microsoft now the most valuable company

Recent Microsoft earnings

What's new in Teams for October 2021

Web content filtering is now GA

Manage All Your Surface Devices in a Single Portal

Autofill your addresses and payment info with Microsoft Authenticator

NOBELIUM targeting delegated administrative privileges to facilitate broader attacks


Episode 276 - Rebecca Jackson

October 21st, 2021

i speak with MVP and Digital Workplace expert Rebecca Jaskson. Rebecca is fascinated by what makes people and organisations tick. She specialises in the digital workplace, employee experience and change management. We do a  deep dive into the main collaboration tools that Microsoft provides such as SharePoint, with an especial focus on the value of the modern Intranet.

There is also a round up of the latest Microsoft Cloud news at the front of the episode.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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Rebecca Jason - Linkedin, Twitter, Blog, Instagram

Mirosoft Ignite

AI-based Privacy Management for Microsoft 365 [VIDEO]

3 ways to support frontline workers in a hybrid world 

Introducing Android™ Apps on Windows 11 to Windows Insiders 

Microsoft achieves a Leader placement in Forrester Wave for XDR 

Windows 11 security: Protect it all with Windows 11 chip to cloud security 

Sysinternals in the Windows store

Sysmon report in virus total

Episode 275 - Rory Braybrook

October 13th, 2021

Join for an episode with MVP Rory Braybrook where we learn more about modern identities, especially Azure including B2B and B2C. Identity is so critical to everything we do in IT these days it is important to have a refresher to understand what's what and how it can be used effectively. I'll also bring you the latest news and updates from the Microsoft cloud world so listen in and share your feedback.


Rory Braybrook - LinkedIn, Authory

Windows 11: A new era for the PC begins today

Welcome to the new Whiteboard

Mailbox storage limits

Microsoft Ignite

How cyberattacks are changing according to new Microsoft Digital Defense Report

Microsoft Digital Defense Report

Defending Windows Server 2012 R2 and 2016

Episode 274 - George Farah

September 28th, 2021

In this episode I speak with George Farah from Ingram Micro Cloud about the changes in the partner economics brought about by the move to the Microsoft Cloud over the years. The discussion provides a great opportunity to pause and reflect on your business focus in today's IT environment.

I also cover off the latest Microsoft Cloud news to bring you right up and update.


George Farah - Linkedin, Email -

Basic Authentication and Exchange Online – September 2021 Update 

New minimum Outlook for Windows version requirements for Microsoft 365

Analyzing attacks that exploit the CVE-2021-40444 MSHTML vulnerability

A deep-dive into the SolarWinds Serv-U SSH vulnerability 

Hunting for OMI Vulnerability Exploitation with Azure Sentinel

Introducing new Surface products, built for Windows 11

Viva Connections public preview is now available!

The passwordless future is here for your Microsoft account

Announcing General Availability of Azure AD-joined VMs support

Microsoft Teams Public Preview indicator “P” on avatar

Episode 273 - David Nicholls

September 7th, 2021

Listen along as I speak with IT business owner David Nicholls from Solve Business Services on his journey to becoming a 'modern' cloud IT Professional. David shares the successful processes and approaches he has taken to 'transform' his business to be providing cloud support services.

Also, plenty of news and updates from the Microsoft Cloud, including the announcement date for Windows 11. so tune in to stay up to date.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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David Nicholls - Web, Linkedin

Windows 11 available on October 5

Windows 11 preview is now available on Azure Virtual Desktop

Introducing Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 1 

Get free DMARC visibility with Valimail Authenticate and Microsoft Office 365

Announcing Apple M1 native support for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Simplifying the Quarantine Experience

Securing your Windows 365 Cloud PCs

Troubleshoot Windows 365 Business Cloud PC setup issues

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