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Episode 273 - David Nicholls

September 7th, 2021

Listen along as I speak with IT business owner David Nicholls from Solve Business Services on his journey to becoming a 'modern' cloud IT Professional. David shares the successful processes and approaches he has taken to 'transform' his business to be providing cloud support services.

Also, plenty of news and updates from the Microsoft Cloud, including the announcement date for Windows 11. so tune in to stay up to date.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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David Nicholls - Web, Linkedin

Windows 11 available on October 5

Windows 11 preview is now available on Azure Virtual Desktop

Introducing Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 1 

Get free DMARC visibility with Valimail Authenticate and Microsoft Office 365

Announcing Apple M1 native support for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Simplifying the Quarantine Experience

Securing your Windows 365 Cloud PCs

Troubleshoot Windows 365 Business Cloud PC setup issues

Episode 272 - Kirsty McGrath

August 23rd, 2021

In this episode MVP Kirsty McGrath shares her best practices and tips and tricks around delivering successful online learning. Note, we did have some technical issues with this episode, so it might sound a little different from what it normally does but don't let that stop you from listening along to all the great material. I also give a quick update at head of the show, for everything happening with the Microsoft Cloud.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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Kirsty McGrath - MVP, Twitter, Linkedin, Web, Sydney UG, Melbourne UG, Instagram

New pricing for Microsoft 365

Securing your Windows 365 Cloud PCs

Get started with Universal Print and Windows 365 Cloud PC 

Welcome to the brand new Windows 365 Community! 

Get Ready to Do More with Teams Meeting Recordings in Microsoft 365!

Microsoft Security Technical Content Library

Super Duper Secure Mode 

Whitepaper-Transitioning-Asia-to-a-New-Normal-of-Work.pdf (


Adapting workplace learning in the time of coronavirus (


Richard E. Mayer - Wikipedia


Why Webinar Attendees Leave Early - a 1080 Group, LLC survey brief (


Hybrid Learning Transition Approaches | Microsoft Education


Live Online Learning Facilitator – The LPI

Episode 271 - Linus Chang

August 9th, 2021

I speak with a long time personality in the SMB space, Linus Chang who is probably best known for his Backup Assist product that provides backup and recovery for your data in the cloud and also on premises. Linus has a wealth of experience in the software development and Microsoft space, so listen in for some fascinating insights.

I also bring all the latest announcements in the Microsoft Cloud, hot off the presses from Microsoft Inspire. Lots of big announcements there as well, so listen in and don't miss out.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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Linus Chang - Linkedin, BackupAssist

Announcing the general availability of Windows 365

Get started with Windows 365 Business

Windows 365 admin setup and management tutorial for Cloud PCs

What's coming to OneNote

What’s New in Microsoft Teams | July 2021

When coin miners evolve, Part 1: Exposing LemonDuck and LemonCat, modern mining malware infrastructure

When coin miners evolve, Part 2: Hunting down LemonDuck and LemonCat attacks 

Microsoft rides Azure, cloud commercial revenue in strong Q4

Announcing Public Preview of App Governance

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse is now in public preview 


Episode 270 - James Arber

July 12th, 2021

Join me for this episode with Microsoft MVP James Arber who'll spend some time with us talk about Teams Voice. In short, he'll help us demystify what it takes to get Microsoft Teams connected to the plain old telephone system. Microsoft's world wide partner conference, Inspire is this week, and I'll be tuning in to catch all the announcements from the event. I'll bring you all those in the next episode, but not to be be outdone, I have a few handy links and news from the Microsoft Cloud to tide you over till then.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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James Arber - Twitter, Linkedin

Teams and Skype for Business tools


Getting started with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Three new voice features for Outlook mobile—now on iOS, and coming soon to Android 

What’s new for admins in Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise – June 2021

Enabling automation with Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise

Get nostalgic with new Microsoft Teams backgrounds

New updates to the SharePoint admin center in Microsoft 365


Episode 269 - Matt Soseman

June 28th, 2021

I'm joined by Matt Soseman from Microsoft to discuss all things security. However, before that, we take a look at the fantastic Youtube channel Matt has created to help share all his great Microsoft Security information. It is a source I regularly consult so I urge you to subscribe.

There is of course also Microsoft Cloud news to get through, including my thoughts on the newly announced Windows 11, so tune in and let me know what you think.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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Matt Soseman - Twitter, Linkedin, Blog

Matt Soseman Youtube channel

CIAOPS Secwerks

Microsoft Security Best Practices

CISA Microsoft 365 Security Recommendations

NIST Cyber Security Framework

Essential Eight

CIAOPS Best Practice links

Introducing Windows 11

Introducing Windows 11 for Business

Windows 11 for Enterprise

Windows 11: The operating system for hybrid work and learning

Basic Authentication and Exchange Online – June 2021 Update

Announcing Exciting Updates to Attack Simulation Training 

How Microsoft 365 encryption helps safeguard data and maintain compliance 

Rename your SharePoint domain

Episode 268 - Ian Mikutel

June 19th, 2021

In this episode I speak with Ian Mikutel from Microsoft who is Head of Product for Microsoft Whiteboard for Teams & Surface. Ian shares some exciting news about the recently released updates for Microsoft Whiteboard as well as what is coming down the pipeline. I love Microsoft Whiteboard and use it regularly and I'd encourage you to also look at the enhancements it now provides, especially inside Microsoft Teams. of course, there are plenty of updates from the Microsoft Cloud that I'll share with you. so listen along and let me know what you think.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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Ian Mikutel - Twitter, Linkedin

Microsoft Whiteboard

Meet the new Microsoft Whiteboard designed for Hybrid Work

Microsoft Whiteboard roadmap

CIAOPS Secwerks event

Explore Microsoft 365 extensibility opportunities with the Microsoft 365 Extensibility look book 

Bringing Visio to Microsoft 365: Diagramming for everyone 

A new, more powerful, and customizable Microsoft Bookings is here

Windows 11 leak reveals new UI, Start menu, and more 

Announcing new Microsoft Defender for Endpoint capabilities on Android and iOS

Monitoring Microsoft Security Posture in Azure Sentinel

Behind the scenes of business email compromise: Using cross-domain threat data to disrupt a large BEC campaign 

Microsoft acquires ReFirm Labs to enhance IoT security

Say it with Microsoft Dictate

Announcing a more intuitive sharing experience across Microsoft 365 for better collaboration


Episode 267 - Aaron Dinnage

May 18th, 2021

I speak with Aaron Dinnage from Microsoft who is the author of the great licensing resource Microsoft 365 maps. Aaron shares the history of this project and it takes to update it every month. We also get some great insights and suggestions when it comes to Microsoft 365 licensing.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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Aaron Dinnage - Linkedin, Twitter

Office 365 Platform Service Descriptions

Microsoft Teams now brings family and friends together to call, chat, and make plans 

OneDrive Roadmap Roundup 

Announcing Public Preview of OneDrive Sync Admin Reports 

New Azure AD Capabilities for Conditional Access and Azure VMs

Introducing Webinars in Microsoft Teams: Easy, professional webinars to engage customers

A fluent new look for the Azure icon

Business email compromise: How Microsoft is combating this costly threat

Forrester names Microsoft a Leader in the 2021 Enterprise Email Security Wave

Episode 266 - Jeff Alexander

April 21st, 2021

Jeff Alexander joins me to catch up and talk about the 'new normal', securing remote environments, update management, migrations and more. Jeff also shares some handy information about the Microsoft Fasttrack service and why everyone should take advantage of it. I also bring you up to date with what's happens in the Microsoft Cloud at the top of the show, so lean back, listen in and enjoy.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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Jeff Alexander - @jeffa36, About Me, Linkedin

Benefits of Fasttrack

Cloud Management Gateway

Microsoft Secure Score

Azure AD Conditional Access

Microsoft Zero Trust

Windows 10 Cloud Configuration

Overview of Windows Autopilot

Microsoft adoption

Step-by-step threat protection in Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Announcing the iOS/iPadOS Security Configuration Framework 

OneDrive sync 64-bit for Windows now in public preview

Block BCC Messages to Distribution Groups in Exchange Online

Install Viva Connections today 

Get started with trials for Microsoft Viva Topics

New Security Signals study shows firmware attacks on the rise; here’s how Microsoft is working to help eliminate this entire class of threats

SharePoint: 20 years young

New threat and vulnerability management experiences in Microsoft 365 security

Email filtering reports

Launching threat analytics for Microsoft 365 Defender

Best practices for migrating to SharePoint and OneDrive

Episode 265 - Dr Neil Roodyn

March 28th, 2021

I'm joined by MVP Dr Neil Roodyn all about software development and why it's important to incorporate it into your business and you career. Dr Neil shares a wide variety of insights and suggestions around how you can start building your programming muscles.

I'll also cover off the latest Microsoft Cloud news after Ignite and get you right up to date. Listen and enjoy this episode.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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Dr. Neil Roodyn

Recommended read - Code by Charles Petzoid

Linkedin Learning

Microsoft Learn

Stack Overflow


Microsoft Ignite

External Teams channels + more

Teams Webinars

The philosophy and practice of our hybrid workplace 

The Next Great Disruption Is Hybrid Work—Are We Ready? 

SharePoint's 20th birthday

What’s New in Microsoft Endpoint Manager - 2103 (March) Edition

Best practices for migrating to SharePoint and OneDrive

CIAOPS Best practices links on Github

New in Microsoft 365 Business Premium: Antivirus management and Universal Print 

Introducing Microsoft Whiteboard for Android and Whiteboard for Microsoft Teams channels and chat


Episode 264 - Adam Lang

February 28th, 2021

In this episode I have chat with Microsoft Partner ISV manager Adam Lang how partners can leverage software development with Microsoft to get applications out to businesses. News from the Microsoft Cloud is a little slow just prior to Microsoft Ignite. Stay tuned to upcoming episodes for all the latest news from that event.

This episode was recorded using Microsoft Teams and produced with Camtasia 2020.

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Adam Lang -


Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Viva

The vision behind Viva: a new experience for employee engagement 

Start a conversation with your personal productivity assistant in Outlook with Cortana 

Turning the page on Solorigate and opening the next chapter for the security community 

Enhance productivity in Microsoft Teams with pop out apps and tabs

Preview Microsoft Endpoint Manager’s settings catalog to more easily customize and manage policy

Basic Authentication and Exchange Online – February 2021 Update

Email overrides are not best practice 

Microsoft 365 Mailbox capacities and sizes 

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