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Episode 194 - Cloud Update

November 6th, 2018

More news this week from the Microsoft Cloud. Plenty of things that you need to know around Microsoft 365 and Azure so we bring it to you in another all news episode.




7 things Steve Jobs can teach you about business

How to be Jason Bourne

Keeping up to date

Microsoft MCA and Acceptance wording

Windows 10 Home on the new Surface PC line

Windows Server 2019 RDS will not support Office Pro Plus from Office 365

New Office deployment customisation tool

What's new for Microsoft To-Do in October 2018

Office 365 soars to 155 million active users

Windows Defender now runs in a sandbox

Hardware OAUTH tokens in Azure MFA in the cloud now available

Outlook for Mac adds administrative controls

CIAOPS Patron program offer

Episode 193 - Gluh

October 21st, 2018

Join us in this episode as Brenton speak with Lorenzo Coppa from Gluh, which is clever way for IT Resellers to sell more hardware with less hassle and overhead. Brenton and I also bring you up to date with all the latest Microsoft Cloud news. Just because Ignite is over doesn't mean that the news stops from the cloud. We'll bring you up to date with everything you need to know.





Updated version of Windows 10 1803 rolling out

Ignite book of news

Create an organisation wide team in Microsoft Teams

New capabilities coming to the SharePoint Migration Tool

How Azure AD can help clean up data in your on-premises Active Directory

Reset passwords from all versions of Windows

Ignite 2018 session Youtube index from CIAOPS

ID Fix tool

Episode 192 - More news from Ignite

October 8th, 2018

A follow up from our last episode with more news and updates from Microsoft Ignite. Brenton an I add a few more points of interest that came out of the conference including update on Microsoft Whiteboard, updates from Azure and multi geo for SharePoint and OneDrive plus plenty more. So tune in for the latest and greatest from Microsoft Ignite.

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More interesting news from Ignite

Absorbing content from Ignite 2018

New features for Microsoft Forms

Introducing Multi-Geo in SharePoint and Office 365 Groups

Passwordless phone sign in

SharePoint powers teamwork in Office 365

Microsoft whiteboard now available on more devices

Azure monitor just got better

Move managed disks and VMs now available

Announcing Microsoft Threat Protection

Episode 191 - News from Microsoft Ignite 2018

October 4th, 2018

Brenton and I get you up to date with all the most important announcements from Microsoft Ignite. You'll hear about the new Microsoft Virtual Desktop services, improvements in OneDrive, and some exciting updates happening with Microsoft Stream. Throw in a Windows 10 update with news about Azure and there isn't enough to cover everything in one episode. All this and whole heap more on this special Ignite update on the Need to Know podcast.




Windows 10 1809 update

Top learnings from Microsoft Ignite

Password-less sign-ins

New in Teams

Episode 190 - Cloud updates

September 22nd, 2018

Brenton and I take an opportunity to get you up to date ahead of Microsoft Ignite on all the latest news in the Microsoft Cloud. We have some news about SharePoint and Outlook as well as some changes to Windows 7 support. Brenton also suggests that maybe we need a dedicated episode on PowerShell. What do you think? Let us know.


New Outlook on the web

Helping customers shift to a modern desktop

Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Teams data residency

Windows 7 monthly update charge

PowerShell basics

Initial set up of an Office 365 PowerShell environment



Auditing Office 365 logins

Using Azure Automation to schedule mailbox checks

Episode 189 - Marcus Dervin

September 7th, 2018

This is our follow up episode with Marcus Dervine from Webvine speaking about Digital Transformation. We continue with the transformation pillars that Marcus has outlined in his as the road to successful adoption of technologies like Office 365. Of course Brenton joins me again to catch you up on all the cloud news. We've tried to keep the update as short as we can as we noticed that the episodes are getting longer. We'll do a deeper dive into updates in the next episode as we wanted to make sure there was plenty of time for our guest





Marcus's book - Digital Transformation, from the inside out (use coupon code CIAOPS for 20% off)


Azure outage

New file template management

Mass delete notification

Passwordless Login

Windows 10 sandboxing

Windows 10 Quality updates

Episode 188 - Jeff Alexander

August 28th, 2018

I'm joined in this episode by a regular guest on the podcast, Jeff Alexander from Microsoft, to speak about modern identity in the cloud. We focus on the role that Azure Active directory can play in your organisation and how it can be used to protect users identity. If you are looking to understand how to better manage user security using teh cloud, then look no further. Before this however Brenton and I cover all the latest Microsoft Cloud news for you to ensure you are up to date with the latest.





How Azure AD is run

Guides for consuming Azure AD workloads

Gartner magic quadrant

Piviledged Accounts

Enable subscription management in your tenant

Password spray attacks

Password Guidance

Security best practices

Azure AD Conditional access

Azure AD identity protection

Microsoft has new plan for managing Windows 10 devices

Office 365 anti spoofing

Not Petya cyberattack

OneDrive camera upload for OneDrive for Business on iOS

Microsoft Teams Australian data residency announced

Microsoft underwater data centers

Azure DNS 100% availability

Microsoft Ignite sessions







Episode 187 - Reactions on Microsoft Inspire

August 10th, 2018

Brenton speaks with Tas Gray and Cam Male about their recent experiences at the Microsoft Inspire conference in Las Vegas. We get to hear what it is like for two first timers to attend one of the biggest Microsoft events of year. We also get to hear the learnings and take aways that Tas and Gray gained from attending. Of course, Brenton and I also update you with all the latest news from the Microsoft Cloud so download, plug in, sit back and enjoy yet another episode of the Need to Know podcast from the CIAOPS.




Microsoft is hiking prices for Office 2019, Windows 10 Enterprise

Page Talk App

Page Talk video

OneDrive updates

Productivity Library

New guided delet user workflow

Notifiable data breach report

New Azure AD roles

CIAOPS O365 online security course - use coupon code = PODCAST

Episode 186 - News from the Cloud

July 26th, 2018

We'll keep it simple for this episode and just give you a run through of the latest from Office 365 and Azure with Brenton and myself. A shorter episode for a change. Let us know what you think.




Four new ways Microsoft takes the work out of teamwork

How to use Cortana commitments

Roko's Basilisk

Free Microsoft Teams

OneDrive updates - July

OneDrive updates - June

Microsoft Whiteboard App

Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Financial results

CIAOPS Office 365 Security course

Episode 185 - Marcus Dervin

July 13th, 2018

A great interview this episode with Marcus Dervin from Webvine focused on Digital Transformation. Marcus has some real insights to share from his recent book on this very subject and we even have a special offer to listeners of this podcast to also grab a copy and learn from an experienced operator. If you are looking to digitally transform or help other business do the same, don't miss this episode.

You'll also get the latest round of Microsoft clou updates from Brenton and myself as we aim to keep you up to date with the ever changing face of the cloud.





Marcus's book - Digital Transformation, from the inside out (use coupon code CIAOPS for 20% off)


Page metadata coming to SharePoint and Office 365

Idle session timeout policy in SharePoint and OneDrive is now generally available

New Office ribbon

Microsoft Surface Go

New Planner capabilities