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Episode 162 - Ashish Trivedi

August 29th, 2017

This week, for a change, no Marc Kean! We fill in the time talking about Office 365 development with MVP Ashish Trivedi. I still do the latest Office 365 and Azure news for you, which kinda makes me wonder why we need Marc? Just kidding, he'll be back soon with a boatload of stories I'm sure. Till then, tune for the latest updates from the Microsoft Cloud




Office Dev Point
Dev Program to get free tenant
Github for samples on office dev
Github for Microsoft Graph API
Github for SharePoint

Chrome Win 10/Azute AD SSO Extension

New message enhancements in Yammer

Microsoft Flow connections

Plan backup and disaster recovery for IaaS disks

Avoid accidential removal of Azure resources

A holistic approach to datacenters

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