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Episode 140 - Stephane Budo

February 14th, 2017

We wrap up our final Microsoft Ignite Australia speaker focus with Stephane Budo whom we are talking to about his upcoming sessions including:

A deep dive into Storage Spaces

Join MVP Stephane Budo in this session to learn everything about Storage Spaces Direct, from what it is, its requirements and how to implement it, to testing its performance and tips and tricks. Using a lot of demos, we will look under the covers of the next evolution of Microsoft's Software Defined Storage.


Protecting enterprise workloads with Cloud-First Bcakup solutions

Join Aruna Somendra from Microsoft and Stephane Budo, MVP in this technical and demo packed session to learn how Azure Backup - a Cloud-First SaaS service delivers hybrid backup as a service without the need to deploy or manage any infrastructure in the cloud for protecting and managing your workloads (SQL, Exchange, SharePoint) whether they are running in Azure or on premises. Understand how Azure backup went the extra step to protect backups in the cloud using multi-factor auth for destructive operations to guard against the emerging threats of ransomware. Find out more about how hybrid backup optimizes storage consumption and extends support to VMWare environments. Discover how you can easily build a bullet proof backup and restore strategy and become the legend that saves the day when a critical restore is required!





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