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Episode 128 - Sonia Cuff

January 24th, 2017

Marc and I are joined by a returning guest to talk all about her upcoming Microsoft Ignite Australia presentations. Sonia Cuff gives us the low down on what to expect with the following two sessions she is presenting:

Making SaaS part of your IT Strategy

With the business pushing for SaaS apps, why are we saying no? Can you balance an in-house infrastructure under strict controls & policies with a business reliance on an outsourced, uncontrolled solution? We'll look at how to enable the business while still protecting them and how to keep your sanity.


The CEO reviewed your project & you won;t believe what happened next

Your budget was agreed. A reasonable timeframe was achieved. The implementation went smoothly. So why is the business still unhappy? You'll learn why Digital Transformation is more than just technology deployment. We'll show you what successful Digital Transformation looks like to the CEO & how you can ensure your IT work really is enabling people to achieve more. Find out some of the practical tools that Microsoft provides that can help you navigate this conversation with your executive stakeholders.

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MS Ignite Session: Making SaaS part of your IT Strategy


MS Ignite Session: The CEO reviewed your project & you won’t believe what happened next …


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