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Episode 117 - Nigel Moore

October 25th, 2016

Marc and I round up all the cloud news and then I spend some time with Nigel Moore talking about selling an IT business. Nigel has extensive and current experience in exactly this having just sold his own IT business. Nigel shares some real world learnings that will benefit anyone who runs a business.

Nigel Moore - @nigel_moore

Marc Kean - @marckean

Robert Crane - @directorcia

Dynamics 365
Facebook Workplace
PowerBI Office 365 Content Pack

Episode 116 - Bill Chestnut

October 10th, 2016

Marc and I are joined by MVP Bill Chestnut, maybe better known as Biz Talk Bill, to speak about the wave of automation that is sweeping Microsoft products. Bill brings us up to date about Microsoft Biztalk Server and then shares with us his insights around things such as Azure functions, Microsoft Flow and PowerApps. We also cover the latest Azure, Office 365 and Microsoft Cloud news for you to ensure you have the latest.

Bill Chestnut - @biztalkbill
Marc Kean - @marckean
Robert Crane - @directorcia
Azure functions
Azure Logic Apps
Microsoft Flow
Marc's blog
New access controls for Office 365
New Office 365 App launcher
Updates to Yammer
Automatically download all the Microsoft Ignite 2016 content

Need to Know Podcast - Episode 115

October 3rd, 2016

Newly crowned Microsoft MVP and I speak with MVP Grant Paisley about Power BI. Grant shares with us his insight into this Microsoft tool that can be used to analyse just about any sorts of data to give you a visual dashboard of information quickly and easily We also cover the latest updates from the Microsoft Ignite conference and all the changes that are happening in the Microsoft cloud.

@angrykoala- Grant Paisley
@marckean - Marc Kean
@directorcia - Robert Crane
Angry Koala
Microsoft Power BI
Corey Sanders at Ignite
Bulk Ignite session downloader 1
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Microsoft Ignite
Microsoft Ignite on demand
Microsoft Ignite YouTube channel
Introducing the Office 365 launcher
Microsoft Staff Hub for deskless workers
New OneDrive Preview sync client
OneDrive announcements

Episode 114 - Steve Luper

September 20th, 2016

Marc spends some time with Steve Luper, ‎Worldwide Technical Director, Azure Managed Partners at Microsoft talking Azure. Marc and I of course also give you our regular update on all the cloud news and events from Azure, Office 365 and more. don;t forget you can also provide us you feedback at 

Steve Luper on Twitter
Lupers Learnings
Underwater data centers
Azure geographic footprint map
Microsoft Ignite
New Azure AD experience
Australian Partner Conference 2016
Dynamic 365
New Office 365 Reports
New Microsoft data centers in UK open
Azure Image factory
Office 365 Secure Score
Azure Essentials free eBook

Episode 113 - Jeffrey Snover

September 5th, 2016

A special episode with a true technology superstar. Jeffrey Snover, Microsoft Technical Fellow/Lead Architect for Enterprise Group, Azure Stack and PowerShell Architect joins us to talk about Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) and of course, all about his baby, PowerShell. Jeff shares some really great insights into the birth of PowerShell and why scripting is so valuable is today's modern IT environment. Of course you'll also get a cloud news update from Marc and I as well as a special report about upcoming changes to the Microsoft reseller initiatives around Office 365. It's a bumper episode packed with content. So listen along, give us some feedback and listen to wisdom the father of PowerShell.



Modern SharePoint Lists

SharePoint Online Site Collection limit increased to 25TB

Change to partner remuneration coming 1st October 2016

Marc's blog on all the Azure news

@jsnover - Jeffrey Snover: Microsoft Technical Fellow/ Lead Architect for Enterprise Cloud Group/ Azure Stack Architect/ PowerShell Architect

Here is the must watch video on Jeff’s history at Microsoft

Use the PowerShell 5 Convert-String Cmdlet

Learning PowerShell

Getting Started with PowerShell 3.0 – Microsoft Virtual Academy Course

Microsoft Operations Management Suite Overview

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Episode 112 - Rayanne Buchianico

August 28th, 2016

Marc and I kick off the show with a few topical news items and then I dive into an interview with Rayanne Buchianico from Sell my MSP. Rayanne and I cover off what you need to know about selling your IT business. We examine the reasons and how to go about actually doing the selling. There is more to it than you think but that doesn't mean it's a process you should put off. even if you currently don't plan to sell your IT business you never know what the future might hold. The smart move is always be positioning your business for sale, that give you the maximum advantage.


Episode 111 - Trevor Sullivan

August 23rd, 2016

In this episode we dive into the world of containers and Docker. We learn about what they are, why they are relevant to IT Pros and how Microsoft is providing more ways to utilise these technologies today. Our special guest subject matter expert is Trevor Sullivan who is a Microsoft MVP and able to explain to us why containers and Docker are so important in today's technology landscape. Listen and learn


Episode 110 - Jeff Huze

August 18th, 2016

Marc and I kick off the show with the latest cloud news as usual but then I talk to SMB reseller Jeff Huze from Interconnekt all about the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) that is now available for Microsoft Cloud products like Office 365 and Azure. We talk about the differences it brings for licensing and the tangible benefits it provides resellers when it comes to growing the cloud business. If you haven't looked at Microsoft CSP, then you should. so tune in and let Jeff explain all about it.

Jeff Huze

Why is technology not making business more productive?

August 13th, 2016

Join returning guest Chip Reaves from Bigger Brains as he and I discuss the challenges of reaping productivity benefits from implementing technology in the business express edition of the CIAOPS Need to Know podcast. Who's to blame? The vendors? The resellers? Or the end users?

Chip and I discuss a wide range of reasons why many businesses (especially amongst our customers) are not gaining tangible benefits from the technology being sold to them. Also, apart from shedding light on these issues we offer some solutions that may help improve this situation.
Robert Crane - @directorcia

Why the economic payoff from technology is so elusive


Episode 109 - Cloud News

August 3rd, 2016

Marc Kean and I provide a round up of all the Azure and Office 365 news that's happened of late (and there has been plenty). There are plenty of Azure services going GA along with new Office 365 services that are rolling out. Listen along as we tell you all the latest plus provide our own unique commentary and opinions on everything Microsoft Cloud. Stay up to date right here.